Since 2003, Rojiroti has given poor women in Bihar State, Northern India, the power to make their own decisions about their lives and finances. By participating in Rojiroti self-help groups, clients help themselves and each other.

Rojiroti is quite different from most microfinance models. We reach people who are much poorer than those reached by other microfinance providers.  Group savings and lending are encouraged, we start with tiny weekly savings and the use of the loan is chosen by the groups themselves. 

All of our field workers are members of self-help groups, so understand the livelihoods and the needs of the poor rural people with whom they are working.

Click the picture below to see a three-minute documentary film:

Rojiroti is implemented in India by the Centre for Promoting Sustainable Livelihood, based in Patna, Bihar. It is supported by the charity Rojiroti UK and by a network of people worldwide. Your support can make a difference!

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