The Centre for Promoting Sustainable Livelihood (CPSL) manages and promotes Rojiroti in India. Based in Patna, Bihar, CPSL was formed in 2003 and registered under Society Registration Act 1860.

CPSL resulted from the DFID Natural Resources Systems Programme (NRSP) research project R7839, which developed sustainable and scaleable institutional arrangements at the community level that would facilitate livelihood improvement for the poor.

Team members from the former project created CPSL to:

1. Promote a transparent system of community development; and

2. Facilitate decision-making in groups, without making decisions for the groups.

CPSL has a small management staff, and a field team of some 70 people currently who work directly with poor women in villages to form and grow self-help groups. Almost all the field team have themselves been members of SHGs (and many still are) so they understand well the needs of the rural people they are working with.

Rojiroti's executive committee/core group meets on the second Sunday of every month at its field office, the house of  Mrs Savitri Devi, Village Shaharrampur, Block Nobautpur, District - Patna, Bihar, India. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome.    You can contact the Secretary of CPSL - Mr Sunil Choudhary - on +919431012521

CPSL was randomly selected by the income tax department of Government of India for scrutiny in detail of its account for financial year 2013-14.The tax inspectors found everything in proper order. 

Please see this link for the Audit Report for CPSL for 2015-16.